Stronger Teeth with White Fillings

Why Choose White Fillings?

Fillings are an effective and most simplest way of preventing further damage to a decayed or broken tooth.

However, dental crowns may have to be used if the damage to the tooth is very bad.

Fillings work by adding a tough material to an area to help strengthen your tooth and prevent any further damage being caused.

Repairs teeth that are damaged or broken

Improve the aesthetic of your teeth

Match the colour of your teeth

How Are White Tooth Fillings Done?

white dental fillings limerick

The process of adding a white filling to a tooth is almost identical to any other filling undertaken:

  1. Firstly, the dentist will take an x-ray of your decayed tooth and then decide the best form of treatment based on the results.
  2. You will then be given a local anaesthetic and no treatment will be undertaken until it has taken away all sensitivity from the tooth.
  1. Once the area is numb, the dentist will use a small drill to remove the damaged areas of the tooth, creating a small hole free from decay.
  2. The tooth is then prepared using a mild acid and dental cement to help secure the white filling, which is then added and hardened in stages using a bright light.
  3. When the final layer of white filling composite is added the surface will be sculpted to fit in with the surrounding teeth, ensuring a level and even bite.

How Does It Work?

Our dentists use tooth coloured filling material as standard and will pick the filling material to match the colour of your teeth so fillings cannot be seen.

White fillings are a good way to repair cavities and cracks whilst also being a similar colour which helps them to blend in and improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

They are made from a composite of materials that is safe, effective, and hard to break. Previously, many dentists used amalgam filling material to restore teeth.

These fillings were black/silver in colour and proved to be quite unsightly. It is commonplace to replace these old fillings with more aesthetically pleasing white/tooth coloured restorations.

The filling is then hardened using a bright light. The filling is then trimmed and polished as necessary.

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