Routine Dental Check-Ups

To maintain good oral hygiene and health, routine dental check-ups are very important.

Going for a check-up every 6 months helps prevent long-term dental problems as your dentist can spot decay and gum disease so that it can be treated on time.

Here at 3 Dental at Old Quarter, we use an advanced range of equipment to examine your dental health and hygiene status.

During your visit, we will also explain the best way to care for your teeth, show you how to floss and answer any other questions you may have.

What Happens At A Routine Dental Checkup?

First off, the dentist will examine your teeth. This is a very simple process and the hardest part for many patients is holding your mouth open while the oral examination is performed.

The dentist will count how many teeth you have and look for evidence of previous dental work which may have been completed.

Following on from the initial examination, a more detailed inspection is undertaken where the dentist will check each tooth for signs of decay.

This step may be uncomfortable but shouldn’t be painful. Compressed air is sprayed into your mouth and each tooth is gently probed to identify if you have any abnormal sensitivity.

Sometimes the dentist may offer to clean your teeth for you.

Once again, this is a simple process and involves removing the tartar; plaque, flushing the interdental spaces and polishing your teeth.

If any problems are found, advice is given and a follow-up appointment is made to have these treated as soon as possible.

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