Dental Treatments

Dental Treatments at 3 Dental

3 Dental provide you with one of the most experienced and dedicated team of dental professionals in Ireland, offering a wide variety of the most advanced dental treatments and techniques available. We are continually updating our knowledge to offer you modern dentistry at the highest international standards.

Dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth or secure a loose denture, restoring your confidence and giving you that beautiful smile you have always wanted. At 3 Dental, our head of implant dentistry has placed hundreds of implants and insists on using one of the most highly regarded dental implant brands available worldwide: Nobel Biocare.


Invisible orthodontics is a way to straighten a set of teeth without the need for easily visible metal braces. They consist of non-visible wires and brackets that fit around the teeth, helping to guide them into the correct position.

The full treatment is quick, subtle, and effective.

Dental crowns and bridges are used to treat broken, cracked or missing teeth.

Crowns are small porcelain “caps” placed on top of teeth, helping rebuild their shape ensuring strength and security.

Bridges are used in a similar way but secure multiple broken or missing teeth instead.

Both treatments are reliable, strong, extremely long lasting, and affordable.

Dental veneers are small layers of material (usually porcelain) that are used to cover over the front of a tooth.

They can fix cracks, chips, or broken teeth, and can also be used to fill in large gaps between individual teeth.

We have complete control of the colour of the veneer so you can go as white as you like!

We can veneer individual teeth or, more frequently, we veneer multiple teeth to achieve a fast and reliable smile upgrade.

We also trial your dental veneers before you receive the finished restorations to make sure you get exactly the smile you want.

Onlays and Inlays are increasingly popular restorations made from either porcelain or reinforced resin.

These modern restorations are custom made for you either in our onsite lab or by an experienced off-site technician. They are used to restore weak teeth that aren’t strong enough to hold a regular filling. The big advantages they have over fillings is they are highly aesthetic and have superb longevity.

Gum disease can cause a variety of dental problems, both to your overall dental health and the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Gum disease is also the main cause of halitosis (bad breath). Our hygienists provide gum disease treatment and advice on how to care for your teeth and gums.

Dental bonding is an easy way to help fix small problems with your teeth, such as cracks, chips, or discolouration, and can even be used to reshape or lengthen a tooth. It works by adding and shaping a tooth coloured composite material, which is then hardened and polished. The whole process is affordable, quick, and requires no anaesthetic.

Up until recently, fillings were mostly made from gold or silver alloys, being both difficult to fit and easily visible.

White fillings are made of a relatively new dental composite material that is easier for the dentist to shape, and blend in with the rest of your teeth improving the cosmetic appearance of your smile. This has become a popular way to replace unsightly metal fillings, restoring teeth to their original appearance.

Our routine dental check-ups help us to examine any potential or current issues with your dental health and hygiene. Your first consultation is free, and will allow you to discuss any problems with one of our professional dentists.

Routine dental treatments consist of fillings, dentures, and tooth extractions. Our dentists have years of experience with these types of treatments and can provide the very best care, before, during and after your treatment.

Root canal therapy is required when the root of a tooth is damaged or decayed and at risk of being infected. The treatment consists of removing the infection and restructuring the core of the tooth, helping to prevent the need for an extraction later on.

Over time, certain foods can begin to stain your teeth. Smoking, drinking, ageing and problems with dental hygiene can also change the colour of your teeth. Our tooth whitening treatment is an easy way to remove this discolouration and brighten your smile.

Mouth guards come in many different forms and are used to prevent damage to your teeth.

Our dental clinic offers a wide range of different mouth guards to ensure your teeth stay protected from a variety of different activities.

If you are nervous or anxious about going to the dentist we provide a range of sedatives to provide your treatment in a relaxed and calm manner.

We have helped many frightened patients to relax, allowing us to provide treatments that may have been impossible to carry out otherwise.

Oral surgery is a dental discipline which treats problems such as impacted wisdom teeth, dental cysts, exposure of buried teeth, biopsy and diagnosis of oral lumps, bumps and lesions.

We have an experienced specialist oral surgeon who is registered with all major health insurance companies available to provide the treatments required.

If you are suffering from a toothache or have damaged or lost one or more teeth, please call our dental clinic on 01-4851033

We also offer a callback service if our lines are busy, and will offer advice on how you can reduce the pain whilst you wait to see us.

We know that severe dental pain can’t wait and will do all we can to see you on the same day you call.