Dental Crown or Bridges (Two or more crowns)

A dental crown is like a special sleeve made of metal or porcelain, or both, that goes over a damaged or weak tooth.

Your dentist will match it up to the shape and, in the case of porcelain crowns, the colour of your other teeth so it will look natural.

A dental bridge is a means of restoring a gap in your teeth. It consists of two or more crowns.

  • Add strength and resilience back to damaged teeth and smiles
  • Restore your smile back to its original form
  • Easier to speak and eat
  • Improve self-confidence

What is the Process for a Dental Crown or Bridge?

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Our dentist will make a tooth coloured shell that will click over your teeth to replace the missing or damaged tooth.

After the preparation procedure, we’ll place a temporary crown or bridge so at no stage will you be leaving with an unsightly gap.

When the crown is fitted, your dentist will make small adjustments to make sure you can bite comfortably. The crown is tried on first, and then glued into place.


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We’ll come up with a treatment plan that suits you, your tooth and your budget.

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