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The Grand Opening Of 3 Dental At Old Quarter – Competition, Ribbon Cutting and Fun!

What a week it’s been! On Saturday, March 24th, ‘live’, at 3 Dental at Old Quarter we had the pleasure of hosting Enda Murphy from Classic Hits 4fm for a very special occasion indeed.

There was sunshine, positivity and prizes to be handed out. Saturday was a special day for 3 Dental at Old Quarter, as we ‘officially’ launched the practice – although, those that know us, know we’ve been here for a while ;).

However, Saturday represented another step in the 3 Dental brand which represents quality patient dental care at an affordable price. Dr. Paul O’Connell explains what it means to him (and even delivers a joke at 1:32!):

One of the stars of the day was Sinead Benn, who won €10,000 worth of dental treatment from 3 Dental. Congratulations Sinead! Many thanks to all our competitors.

And as we all know, we can’t have a 3 Dental launch without a ribbon cutting…


It really was a fantastic day for everyone involved. We would like to thanks Classic Hits 4fm for their involvement, and everyone else who made Saturday possible.