Professional Dental Care in Limerick

Old Quarter Dental is Limerick’s foremost modern dental practice providing all aspects of advanced cosmetic dentistry at an affordable price.

Professional Dental Care from 3 Dental

Old Quarter Dental is foremost modern dental practice providing all aspects of advanced cosmetic dentistry at an affordable price.

Dental Bonding

Often used to improve the appearance of your teeth and enhance your smile. As the name indicates, composite material. Composite materials tends to stain more easily and therefore requires proper care and regular cleaning. In order to ensure the longest possible duration of the bonding, composites should be brushed and flossed daily. Common staining elements include coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco and some foods, e.g. curry.

6 Months Braces

The 6-month-braces technique is a fast and effective way to provide you with the smile you have always wanted. Frequently provided as an alternative to veneers to straighten the front teeth and give a beautiful smile. We have been providing 6 month braces since 2006 at the Old Quarter Dental Surgery. Book an appointment with our dentists for a free consultation on the 6 month braces and finally have the smile you have always dreamed about!

Dental Implants

Dental Implants can provide the ideal solution to those who have lost their teeth through injury or decay. An implant consists of a root portion (the implant itself) which connects to the crown (the tooth portion) via a screw and/or an abutment. The implant requires surgical placement in the jawbone (carried out in the surgery) followed by a period of healing, usually about 3 months and then the placement of the crown.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves placing a gentle bleaching soln into specially made, custom fitting trays. It is important that the trays fit precisily to give the best results with the least sensitivity and minimise leaking of the bleaching soln. At the Old Quarter Dental we have extensive experience and a lot of specialist training and provide the best bleaching system available. Over the years, we have used a number of high profile bleaching systems.

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Quality Guarantee

The Old Quarter Dental Clinic is committed to delivering the very best dental treatments available in the world today. We only use superior quality materials, the best labs in UK and Ireland, and the most up-to-date techniques and technologies, and will not compromise on quality, even during these tough economic times. All of our Crown and Bridge Work comes with a 5 year Guarantee.